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Xinghai Square is the largest city square in the world

Dalian is a popular destination among domestic tourists and foreign visitors, especially from Japan, South Korea and Russia. Its mild climate and multiple beaches as well as its importance in the modern history of China have attracted tourists. Some of the most famous beaches are Jīnshítān Golden Coast (金石滩黄金海岸) beach, Fùjiāzhuāng (付家庄) beach, Bàngchuídǎo (棒棰岛) beach, Xīnghǎi Park (星海公园) beach, Xīnghǎi Bay (星海湾) beach, and Xiàjiāhézi (夏家河子) beach. In 2007, it was one of the three cities named “China’s best tourist city”, along with Hangzhou and Chengdu, recognized by the National Tourism Administration and the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Four inner-city districts

  • Zhongshan Square
Originally designed by Russians in the 19th century, Zhongshan Square (中山广场) is especially


Grand Hyatt Dalian (left) and apartments at Xinghai Square

noted for theseveral classical buildings located around the square built during the first half of the 20th century by the Japanese.

  • Laohutan Ocean Park: the park contains the Polar Region Marine Animals World, the Coral Aquarium, and the World of Birds. The white whale and dolphin show is a major attraction in the Polar Region Marine Animals World. The Tigers Sculpture Square is nearby, whose tiger sculpture is the symbol of Tiger Beach (老虎滩;Lǎohǔtān). A retired Anshan-class destroyer Taiyuan is open to visitors.
  • Xinghai Square: situated at the Xinghai Bay, Xinghai Square (星海广场; “Square of the Sea of Stars”) was built at the centennial of the City of Dalian (1998) and is the largest city square in the world.
  • Hēishíjiāo Geological Park and Dalian Natural History Museum
  • Sunasia Ocean World
  • Dalian Forest Zoo
  • Bangchuidao Scenic Area: a well-maintained park used as a State Guesthouse since 1960, the Bangchuidao Scenic Area is now open to the public with upgraded features including lavish greens,

    Xinghai Square amusement park with the Castle Hotel in the background

    Chinese and western style villas, hot spring, tennis courts, badminton courts, a recreation center, a golf course and the Bangchuidao beach. The Bangchui Island (棒棰岛; Bàngchuí Dǎo, named for an islet in the shape of an ancient washing tool Bangchui) can be seen from the beach. As a State Guesthouse, the scenic area has received numerous Chinese and foreign leaders and high profile officials, including Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Henry Kissinger, Boris Yeltsin, Gerhard Schröder, Juan Antonio Samaranch and so on. Dalian Sightseeing Tower.

  • Jinzhou District and Development Zone (in the northern suburbs)

    • Dahei Mountain
    • Jinshitan National Holiday Resort and the Discoveryland (pinyin: jinshitan l=Golden Pebble

      Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park

      Beach) is composed of eastern peninsula, western peninsula, open ground between two peninsulas and the ten-mile Golden Coast beach. Major sightseeing points include, Golden Pebble Waxworks Museum, Geological Museum, Coastal National Geopark, International Vehicle Campsite, Tang Dynasty Hot Spring Resort, Golden Rock Park, Wanfuding Park, China Martial Arts Hall, Discoveryland Theme Park, Mao Zedong Badge Exhibition Hall, Model Movie & TV Art Center, Golden Pebble Hunting Club, Golden Pebble Equestrianism Base, Golden Pebble International Convention Center & Resort, Golden Pebble Golf Club, and Golden Gulf Golf Course. Several themed events, such as Dalian International Beach Carnival, International Winter Swimming Festival and Grape Festival, take place in Jinshitan annually.

    The Discoveryland Theme Park (发现王国, also translated as “the Discovery Kingdom”) was built in 2006 and covers an area of 470,000 square miles (1,217,294 square kilometres). It was designed by Romero Petrilli VanRell Associates who participated in the design of the Disney theme park.

    Lüshunkou District (in the southwestern suburbs)

    • Lüshun Museum
    • Lüshun Railway Station
    • East Jīguàn Mountain (东鸡冠山), 203 Hill and Shuishiying Meeting Place
    The fiercest battle site and the signing site of the ceasefire treaty, of the Battle of Lüshun


    Dalian Sightseeing Tower, formerly Dalian Radio & TV Tower

    during theRusso-Japanese War (1904–05).

    • Japanese and Russian Prison Site Museum in Lüshun
    The prison was built by Russians in 1902 and later expanded by the Japanese. During World War II, the prison was used to detain people of various nationalities who were against Japanese invasion. An Jung-geun, theKorean independence activist who assassinated Itō Hirobumi, was imprisoned and killed there.[64]
    • Lüshun Snake Museum, and Lüshun Bird Port and Snake Island Reservation
    • Hengshan Temple and Longwangtang Cherry Blossom Park
    Héngshān Temple (横山寺) is near Lóngwángtáng Reservoir (龙王塘水库). The temple dates back to the Han Dynasty, and was rebuilt in 2003.

    Three Northern District and Cities of Greater Dalian

    • Ānbō Hotspring and Ski Course (安波温泉滑雪场), in Pulandian District
    • Changxing Island International Golf Course, in Wafangdian
    • Bīngyùgōu (冰峪沟) Scenic Area and Bùyún Mountain Hot Spring (步云山温泉), in Zhuanghe
    • Islands of Changhai County

    Hot Spring and Ski Resorts


    Dalian Modern Museum

    There are various hot spring hotels in Dalian. Notable ones include, Laotieshan Hot Spring Hotel in Lüshun, Tang Dynasty Hot Spring Resort in Jinshitan, Minghu Hot Spring Hotel in Wafangdian City, Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa in Ganjingzi District, and Tianmu Hot Spring Hotel in Lüshun.

    Skiing has become increasingly popular in Dalian. Famous ski resorts are, Linhai Ski Resort in Ganjingzi District, Anbo Ski Resort in Pulandian District, Minghu Ski Resort & Minghu International Skiing Holiday Village in Wafangdian City, and Dalian Happy Snow World in Ganjingzi District near the airport.


Hengshan Temple in Lüshunkou District

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