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Eight Views


Canton Tower

The Eight Views of Ram City are Guangzhou's eight most famous tourist attractions. They have varied over time since the Song dynasty, with some being named or demoted by emperors. The following modern list was chosen through public appraisal in 2011:

  • "Towers Shining through the New Town"
  • "The Pearl River Flowing and Shining": The Pearl River from Bai'etan to Pazhou
  • "Cloudy Mountain Green and Tidy": Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area
  • "Yuexiu's Grandeur": Yuexiu Hill and Park
  • "The Ancient Academy's Lingering Fame": The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall and its folk art museum
  • "Liwan's Wonderful Scenery": Liwan Lake
  • "Science City, Splendid as Brocade"
  • "Wetlands Singing at Night": Nansha Wetlands Park

Parks and gardens

  • Baiyun Mountain
  • Nansha Wetland Park

    The Pearl River at Haiyin Bridge

  • People's Park
  • South China Botanical Garden
  • Yuexiu Park
  • Dongshanhu Park (东山湖公园)
  • Liuhuahu Park (流花湖公园)
  • Liwanhu Park (荔湾湖公园)
  • Luhu Park (麓湖公园)
  • Martyrs' Park (广州起义烈士陵园)
  • Pearl River Park (珠江公园)
  • Yuntai Garden (云台花园)

Tourist attractions

Guangzhou attracts more than 100 million visitors each year. There are many tourist attractions, including:

  • Canton Tower
  • Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, housing Guangzhou's folk art museum

    Zhujiang New City from Pakwan or Baiyun Mountain

  • Chime-Long Paradise
  • Chime-Long Waterpark (长隆水上乐园)
  • Guangdong Provincial Museum
  • Guangzhou Zoo
  • Huaisheng Mosque, site of the Plain Pagoda
  • Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King
  • Peasant Movement Training Institute, an important Maoist site
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral or Stone House
  • Temple of Bright Filial Piety (Guangxiao)
  • Temple of the Six Banyan Trees (Liurong), site of the Flowery Pagoda
  • Shamian or Shameen Island, the old trading compound
  • Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, site of Guangzhou's former presidential palace
  • Xiguan, the western suburbs of the old city

Major buildings

Main article: List of tallest buildings in Guangzhou


Bombax ceiba, Guangzhou's official flower

  • CITIC Plaza
  • Canton Tower
  • Guangzhou Circle Mansion
  • Guangdong Olympic Stadium
  • Guangzhou Opera House
  • Guangzhou TV Tower
  • Pearl River Tower
  • The Twin Towers:
  •  International Finance Centre (West)
  •  The CTF Guangzhou (East)


Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel on Shamian


The Canton Cement Factory (est. 1907), which housed Sun Yat-sen from 1923 to 1925


Canton Custom House (est. 1916), one of the oldest surviving in China.


The old provincial capitol, now the Museum of Revolutionary History


Oi Kwan Hotel, Guangzhou's tallest building from 1937 to 1967


Guangzhou's CBD, including the IFC (right)

A brick carving at the Guangzhou Folk Art Museum, housed in the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Modern Guangzhou at night

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