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"I often sent pictures of the hills of Guilin which I painted to friends back home, but few believed what they saw."

- Fan Chengda (Chinese Song Dynasty scholar)
"Guilin's scenery is best among all under heaven." (Chinese: 桂林山水甲天下; pinyin: Guìlín shānshuǐ jiǎ tiānxià)

- popular Chinese saying

Scenic spots around Guilin include:

  • Jingjiang Princes City, a royal complex dating from the Ming Dynasty that lies near the center of modern Guilin
  • Reed Flute Cave
  • Silver Cave
  • Li River
  • Yangshuo (see detailed introduction below )
  • Seven-Star Cave and Seven Star Park (七星公园)
  • Camel Mountain (骆驼山) and Elephant Trunk Hill
  • Piled Festoon Hill (堆花彩山)
  • Crescent Hill (月牙山)
  • Fubo Hill (伏波山)
  • Nanxi Hill (南溪山)
  • Erlang Gorge (二郎山峡谷)
  • Huangbu (Yellow Cloth) Beach (黄埔滩)
  • Moon Hill
  • Longsheng Rice Terrace
  • Daxu Ancient Town (大圩古市镇)
  • Xingping Ancient Town (兴坪古镇)
  • Duxiu (Solitary Beauty) Peak (独秀峰)
  • Liusanjie Landscape Garden (刘三姐景观园)
  • Yao Hill (尧山)

Yangshuo County


The town of Yangshuo from a nearby karst peak known as the TV tower. The Li River can be seen in the background.

Yangshuo County (simplified Chinese: 阳朔县; traditional Chinese: 陽朔縣; pinyin: Yángshuò Xiàn) is acounty under the jurisdiction of Guilin City, in the northeast of Guangxi, China. Its seat is located inYangshuo Town. Surrounded by karst peaks and bordered on one side by the Li River it is easily accessible by bus or by boat from nearby Guilin. In the 1980s, the town became popular with foreign backpackers, and by the late 1990s packaged tourists began arriving in greater numbers. At that time, domestic tourism represented only a small fraction of the tourists but by 2005 domestic tourists outnumbered foreign tourists by a great margin. Today, the town has become a resort destination for both domestic and foreign travelers.There is a lot to explore in Yangshuo. The West Street of Yangshuo has become a must-visit place. The history of West Street dates back to over 1400 years ago. At that time, there were only a few grocery stores in the street. Now, it has become a popular street that you can find many foreigners walking around the street and even become the boss of a bar or restaurant. There are signs written in both Chinese and English. Due to tourism,


View of Moon Hill

most locals in Yangshuo speak English, which is uncommon for Chinese cities.

Rock climbing

The Yangshuo region has numerous locations for climbing, most easily accessible by bicycle, public bus or taxi-van. The most famous of these crags is Moon Hill with several 5.13 graded lines. Other crags of note include Low Mountain, Twin Gates, Baby Frog, The Egg, Bamboo Grove and Wine Bottle Cliff.


  • Li River
  • Moon Hill
    Yangshuo was the most touristy town we went to in China, and that includes Beijing.  It was the only place where we saw a lot of backpackers, and people spoke English!  Hello, postcard?

    The town of Yangshuo. Yangshuo was the most touristy town westerners went to in China, and that includes Beijing. It was the only place where we saw a lot of backpackers, and people spoke English!

  • Yulong River

Sister cities

Yangshuo has city partnerships with the following cities and/or regions:

  • United States Morehead, Kentucky, United States (1994)
  • United States Rapid City, South Dakota, United States (2000)
  • Slovenia Bled, Upper Carniola, Slovenia (2009)
  • France Annecy-le-Vieux, Haute Savoie, France (2011)


  • The picture on the back of the 20 yuan bill is taken at the Li River near Yangshuo.
  • A digital panorama of the distinctive scenery of Yangshuo was used in the landmark 1993 video game, Doom as one of the backgrounds.





Li River connects Guilin & Yangshuo County


Longsheng Rice Terrace (Ping An)


Reed flute cave


Pagodas in Fir Lake

Rafts sailing down the Yulong River in Yangshuo, a county of Guilin

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