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China Folk Culture Village

The China Folk Culture Village (深圳中国民俗文化村) is a part of Splendid China Folk Village in Shenzhen, China. It is located adjacent to the Splendid China theme park and features displays of the daily life and architecture of China’s 56 ethnic groups. It was opened to the public in October 1991.


The park’s recreated villages include the following:

  • Yi Village
  • Miao Village
  • Dong Village
  • Naxi Village
  • Buyi Village
  • Yao Village
  • Zhuang Village
  • Mosuo Village
  • Dai Village
  • Wa Village
  • Hani Village
  • Gaoshan Village
  • Bai Village
  • Li Village
  • Jingpo Village
  • Tibetan Nationality
  • Uyghur Nationality
  • Quadrate Yard
  • Mongolian Nationality
  • Korean Nationality
  • Cave-house in North Shaanxi
  • Tujia Village
    About each minority’s culture, please refer to Yunnan Kunming Culture.


The China Folk Culture Village has featured several cultural festivals, including the Water Splashing Festival of the Dai, the Shawm Festival of the Miao, the Torch Festival of the Yi, the Huaxia Great Cultural Temple Fair, the Xinjiang Cultural Festival, and the Inner Mongolia Grassland Cultural Festival.


According to 2010 data collected by a University of Southern California research project, approximately 37% of Shenzhen residents were practitioners of Chinese folk religions, 26% are Buddhists, 18% Taoists, 2% Christians and 2% Muslims; 15% were unaffiliated to any religion.


Tianhou Temple in Chiwan


Hongfa Temple, of which the first abbott was Ben Huan

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