Travel & Live in China

Travel & Live in China

Lesson 1  Go Through the Customs

Lesson 2  Claiming your Luggage

Lesson 3  Finding the Restroom

Lesson 4  Take a Taxi

Lesson 5  Money Exchange

Lesson 6  Weather

Lesson 7  Room Reservation

Lesson 8  Room Reservation Errors

Lesson 9  Check in

Lesson 10  Room Change and Request a Repair

Lesson 11  Sports

Lesson 12  Leave a Message at the Front Desk

Lesson 13  Looking for Someone

Lesson 14  Make a Long-distance Call

Lesson 15  Do Laundry

Lesson 16  The Bill is Wrongly Calculated

Lesson 17  Make a Complaint

Lesson 18  Ask for Directions

Lesson 19  Take a Bus

Lesson 20  Express Delivery and Faxing

Lesson 21  Mail a Letter and Send a Parcel

Lesson 22  Order Dishes

Lesson 23  Several Special Requirements for the Dishes

Lesson 24  Shopping

Lesson 25  Bargaining

Lesson 26  Discount

Lesson 27  Buy Vegetables

Lesson 28  Return Merchandise

Lesson 29  Buy Tickets

Lesson 30  Change Reservations

Lesson 31  Have a Haircut

Lesson 32  Visit a Patient

Lesson 33  See a Doctor 1

Lesson 34  See a Doctor 2

Lesson 35  Get the Medicine

Lesson 36  Domestic Travel

Lesson 37  Go to Karaoke

Lesson 38  Get on the Internet

Lesson 39  Go to a Bar

Lesson 40  Ask Telephone Number and Page Number

Lesson 41  Make a Call

Lesson 42  Make Friends

Lesson 43  Take Part in a Party

Lesson 44  Ask for Leave

Lesson 45  Being the Host

Lesson 46  Celebrate a Festival

Lesson 47  Look for Someone Using PA System

Lesson 48  Take a Message for Somebody

Lesson 49  Shop at an Antique Market

Lesson 50  Take Part in a Trade Fair

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